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    Wednesday, 17. April 2019

    Designed for eternity - Long-Life technology for 24-hour continuous operation

    A true industrial monitor is the exception to the rule in the fast-moving electronics industry. A user, whose production volume also depends on a properly functioning surveillance monitor, will quickly appreciate this aspect.

    In order for such a product to withstand harsh industrial environments, attention must be paid to the longevity of the planned components right from the development stage. Starting with the dimensioning of all electronic circuits up to the cooling concept, all individual parts have to be able to withstand 24 hours of continuous operation - which is common in an industrial environment.For example, the monitors developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry by the manufacturer Baytek GmbH have their own controller modules with a - according to the TÜV Süddeutschland - MTBF time of 53.4 years. Utopian in practice, but reassuring for the user to know.

    Baytek's specially developed Long-Life technology guarantees a 24-hour, failure-free 24-hour service, especially under the toughest operating conditions. Thus, a high stability is achieved and the year-long use in multi-shift operation is no longer in the way.