Baytek´s Maritime multifunctional Monitor family - BPM

    Tuesday, 8. November 2016

    The new product range comes with all necessary inputs. DVI and RGB are standard, there is a possibility to add a video input as an option and run the system in PIP mode (picture in picture function).

    The huge brightness control is another highlight on the product. The BPM family is a perfect solution for the maritime market. We see the Monitors in various application like ECDIS / radar Monitor, automation and control Monitor.

    To use the BPM in a high temperature environment up to +70° is an easy go. The unique operating function clears the way for a host of innovative new control concepts. For example, using the slider function, crew members could create personal screen content from individual windows to suit their specific requirements. And that is just one of many potential features.

    Good to know - specifically for the retrofit upgrade business – is the opportunity to implemented BPM monitors easy, efficiently and cost effectively into existing radar systems.

    Options and customized configurations With the resources of our in-house development department we are able to offer our customers the development of new electronic products, especially display-based parts on customer specification.