MIL certificated 17" Monitor - BQR 1017

    Tuesday, 1. September 2015

    In military and naval applications, exceptional environments and rough handling are a daily occurrence. The Baytek BQR series monitors were developed and produced specifically for this demanding field.

    Temperature fluctuations from -40° to +70°

    The BQR monitors are already in use for military applications around the world today. When it comes to vehicle applications in particular, temperature fluctuations under which standard monitors would fail immediately often prevail in day/night operation. For this reason, the BQR monitors are equipped with a microcontroller operated heating and cooling controller which allows for storage temperatures from -40° to +70° and operating temperatures from -32° to +55° without a problem. The BQR monitors are also equipped with a standard heated mesh screen which reduces the time required to reach the operating temperature many times over.

    Shock and vibration resistance

    For use in military ground vehicles, the shock and vibration resistance are also on the must-have list for military monitors and are just as important as temperature resistance. Therefore the BQR monitors were tested in external testing laboratories to determine their shock and vibration resistance and received the certificates according to various MIL STD regulations.

    Electromagnetic compatibility in military and naval applications

    The electromagnetic immunity of the BQR monitors is also ensured since they successfully passed all required MIL STD standards. The BQR monitors were also tested according to IEC 60945 already, specifically for use in the naval sector.

    Virtually indestructible

    To protect the electronic components and prevent deformation, the entire housing for the BQR monitors is machined from a solid block of aluminium. For further protection, the housing is treated galvanically so that the aluminium alloy is also resistant to salt water. The 6 mm thick protective bezel and use of military grade round Amphenol connectors serve to further improve the robust design of the BQR monitors. In order to ensure readability in bright sunlight as well as increasing the strength and reliability, the BQR monitors are now also shipped with a standard bonded display.

    Options and customer-specific versions

    Even though the BQR monitors are already extremely versatile with their existing features, it is also a matter of course that special customer requirements can still be implemented especially in the military sector. Thanks to the in-house Baytek development department, special customer-specific options can also be implemented efficiently and in a timely manner.